Thursday, November 29, 2012

Procrastination is an Art

This is the first one.

A friend of mine recently started up blogging and it made me consider the option myself.

The last time I tried to start something like this, I didn't have much to say... not a lot going on. I used it to journalize my food intake for less than a week then stopped. Not to say that that isn't a noble pursuit for a blogger, and anyone who knows me could testify that I could drop a lot of weight, but I kind of bored myself into stopping. Maybe one day in the future if I can gain some support? One can wish and dream and hope...

Since that last time, a lot of crap has happened. I'm going to therapy, but this might be a good outlet for thoughts, emotions, stuff like that. Maybe it will be good for something.

Right now I'm putting off my very last project of the year - for my finance class. It's not very titillating (though that word certainly is - titillating), but it's not difficult. I should do it. Instead, I will list some things that I *have* been doing:

1. watching Indian music videos with fake English translations for the millionth time
2. watching CHOW videos on how to use leftovers from Thanksgiving to make other dishes
3. making angry faces at my dog while he whines at me in his crate
4. watching makeup videos
5. looking through wishlists and shopping lists on Amazon and Sephora's website
6. staring longingly at things I can't afford
7. opening my homework documents then not doing anything about them
8. facebooking my heart out
9. looking at other blogs and commenting back at trolls - which I realize is stupid and won't lead to any good, but I am drawn in anyway
10. starting this blog

It's almost midnight... my husband's family should be arriving back from the airport soon. I guess I should do this.

Cheers to a new endeavor.

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